The Grievance Process

What you need to know

The grievance process requires administrators to work with union members to resolve a dispute and attempt to reach a settlement.

If a settlement cannot be reached, our union can choose to take the matter before an arbitrator, who then has the authority to make a final and binding decision. Your union stewards and the Grievance Chairs help to provide ongoing support throughout the grievance process. The procedure for filing a grievance is not complicated, nor should it be intimidating. 

The grievance process is clearly spelled out in Article 40 of our contract. Here’s what you need to know to get started:


Verbal grievances are presented to the employee’s immediate supervisor.  If no settlement is reached, the grievance must be reduced to writing. You need to inform your supervisor that you will pursuing the grievance process. Step 2 cannot be filed if you didn’t verbally recognize Step 1.


Written grievances must be presented within ten (10) business days of when the member knew or should have known of the violation causing the grievance. Grievance forms for Step 2 can be found here.


If no settlement is reached at Step 2, grievances filed by VFNHP shall be presented to the Chief Nursing Officer or designee.  A meeting will be held and a response given within seven (7) business days after receiving a response from Step 2.


If the response to Step 3 is unsatisfactory, the grievance must be filed for arbitration within thirty (30) business days of the response from Step 3.

Failure to meet these timelines will void your ability to pursue the grievance.

Take the time to review our rights and protections by reviewing your contract. If you should have any questions at all about identifying a possible grievance or how to file a grievance, please contact the Union Office at 802.657.4040, or email, for more information and assistance.



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