Political Rights & Education

Constitution article IV Section 5: Political Rights 

Bargaining unit members selecting service fee status do not have voting rights, do not have a voice in meetings, do not have the right to serve on a union committee and are not eligible to participate in union activities not directly related to their representation.

Constitution article XI Section 6: Political Education Committee

  • The Political Education Committee shall be open to the general membership. 
  • The Political Education Committee shall report to the Vice President of Political Education, who will report to the Executive Board and general membership at the regular meetings. 
  • The purpose of the Political Education Committee shall be to 
    • Monitor and promote legislation and government actions which affect the delivery of health care, the interests of the members, and the health and welfare of the communities we serve. 
    • Screen and recommend endorsement of candidates for local and state offices 
    • Secure voluntary contributions to support the political work of the local

The Political Education Committee shall coordinate with the AFT-Vermont and other unions and coalitions on legislative and political activity whenever possible.



6/1 Bargaining Update

Nurses and Techs gathered in the McClure lobby to show solidarity with our Bargaining Team ahead of the 6/1 bargaining session. Contract negotiations have stalled, as we did not reach agreement at this week's session. VFNHP has given a package for the hospital to...

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5/11 Nurse Bargaining and Incentive Update

Last night, the VFNHP Bargaining Team spent over 3 hours hearing the same thing from management: The hospital will not agree to any financial proposals beyond the $1.3M for their charge and preceptor differentials proposals. Seven proposals, including increasing all...

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VFNHP Proposals 4/6/2022

Dear members,  Nurse contract bargaining began last night, and our Bargaining Team made 34 proposals across the table, while Management offered 11 proposals, only one of which was economic (Charge/Preceptor differential). Here are some of the highlights: Increased...

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Negotiations for all

At the opening of VFNHP-Nurse negotiations with the UVMMC administration, all of the VFNHP proposals were designed to:* Protect and improve patient care * Provide safety and respect * Improve benefits and compensation to recruit and retain nurses and support...

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Proposed Ophthalmology Career Ladder

Ophthalmology Techs have the opportunity to vote on updated job descriptions as well as an updated wage scale as part of career ladder negotiations. If approved, these changes would update our job descriptions to reflect our current practices, eliminate the OA I level...

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