Member Action Team (MAT)

What you need to know

Protecting our Patients, our Profession, and our Communities Member Action Team leaders (MATs) are responsible for communicating and working with approximately ten (10) colleagues on a regular basis.

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Being a MAT Leader means that you commit to:

Organize and communicate with a group of ten (10) colleagues to participate in VFNHP activities

Do weekly check-ins with your ten (10) colleagues, identify issues or potential grievances, and develop a plan to address them with VFNHP Leadership and staff

Participate in Union-wide campaigns that protect our patients, profession, and community, including contract negotiations, legislative initiatives, and new member outreach

Distribute Union newsletters, flyers, surveys, and other information

Support the Goals, Values, and Principles of OUR UNION

VFHNP Commitment to MAT Leaders

One on one support by assigned Union officer and staff

Recognized advisory role to Union Executive Board

Weekly Updates

Specialized Trainings—contract, professional practice, other

How to become a MAT Leader


Speak with your Chief Steward, staff, or call office at 802.871.5209


Using a MAT leader form, identify 7-15 colleagues with whom you are already in regular contact


Reach out to these colleagues, let them know you are their point of contact, and make sure you have their updated contact information

VFNHP MAT Structure

MATs are responsible for communicating and working with approximately 10 colleagues on a regular basis.



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