Karen Quill Scholarship

Karen Quill Scholarship Fund

The Karen Quill Scholarship Fund is a memorial scholarship fund for college tuition that supports the legacy of Karen Quill, RN in her work as a young union and social justice activist. This fund serves current members of any union as well as children of union parents. This fund serves current members of any union as well as children of union parents. The scholarship is administered by VSAC.

VSAC Scholarship for Vermonters

We remember Karen for what she did best: build relationships, solve problems, make things better for her patients, colleagues, and fellow community members, and for her favorite quote from labor activist Mother Jones:

“Pray for the dead but fight like hell for the living”.

-Mother Jones



Moral Injury Among Nurses

Moral Injury Among Nurses

The current AFT healthcare journal features a discussion about the impact of moral injury on nurses.  This is especially resonant in the time of COVID.  Moral injury describes the challenge of simultaneously knowing what care patients need but being unable...

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Technologists vote yes

Technologists vote yes

Contact: Heather Riemer, AFT-VT, 802-343-1705,  Thursday, April 1, 2021- Imaging Technologists at Vermont’s largest Hospital, the University of Vermont Medical Center, voted overwhelmingly to join the Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health...

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