VFNHP maintains affiliation with the following organizations: 

  1. The American Federation of Teachers (AFT); 
  2. The American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO); 
  3. AFT-Vermont, and the appropriate 
  4. Central Labor Council(s) of the AFL-CIO.

The membership shall elect delegates to attend the [AFT] National Convention in accordance with the Landrum Griffin Act and in accordance with the procedures in the AFT Constitution.

Representation for United Professions AFT Vermont a) Two delegates to the United Professions AFT Vermont will be appointed by the Executive Board, with the expectation that they will attend all regular and special state federation meetings. b) The two (2) members shall report to the Executive Board at all regular and special meetings. 


United Professions and AFT Convention Delegate Selection a) The representatives to the United Professions and AFT convention must be nominated and elected by the general membership. b) The nomination and election process will be determined by the Executive Board to ensure that all members have an opportunity to participate.



We are a strong union of health care professionals organized to ensure access to high-quality health care for everyone in the communities we serve.

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