The Vermont Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals will strive to:

    Promote the continuous improvement of safe, quality health care and universal access to it.

    Advance the economic, social, and political well-being of our members and the community we serve through organizing, member activism, representation, collective bargaining, advocacy, active alliances, and community engagement. 

    Promote professional standards for our members by securing continuing education and working conditions essential to the best practice in the work that we do, and the most effective delivery of health care. 

    Promote democracy, equality, and solution-driven unionism in our organization.

    Promote member activism in community health programs, health system agencies as well as any other regulatory body affecting the delivery of health care and influence legislation affecting the delivery of health care and the interests of the members of the Local and other labor organizations. 

    Promote cooperative and collaborative relationships with labor organizations both regionally and nationally; and promote the civil and professional rights of all workers.

    Support efforts by the AFT or the AFT state federation to organize workers in related fields in order to help these workers gain representation, to strengthen the union, and ensure collective voice and power in the workplace.

    VFNHP Constitution Article II



    We are a strong union of health care professionals organized to ensure access to high-quality health care for everyone in the communities we serve.

    Call: (802) 657-4040

    Fax: 802.871.5946

    Email: info@vfnhp.org

    Address: 96 Colchester Ave, Burlington VT 05401