High-quality patient care is the shared goal of the Hospital and VFNHP.

The Hospital and VFNHP agree that staffing the Hospital with the appropriate number of skilled, reliable nursing and ancillary employees is an essential element for the provision of quality patient care. Additionally, the Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and the administration working in the only academic health center in Vermont recognizes their societal obligation to provide safe, high quality care to patients who seek care at the Hospital.

The Hospital and the VFNHP agree that patient care should be patient centered, always according the patient the highest respect and acknowledging the individual as an informed, discriminating consumer. Care is competent, effective and collaborative. It respects the patient’s values, preferences and needs. The Hospital and the VFNHP also agree that units staffing must consider the importance of ensuring that the quality of the nurse’s work life is appropriate, based on the American Nurses Association findings that it has been shown that the quality of work life has an impact on the quality of care delivered.

VFNHP participates with UVMMC administration to ensure staffing needs are isolated, members are safe in providing care and our voice is heard in real time at the clinics, units and procedure areas where we work.  Concern for Safe Staffing forms give members the real-time reflection on specific staffing situations in their area of practice. 

As Nurses and Health Care Professionals we are obligated to speak up for our patients and our practice. The Concern for Safe Staffing form is notice to the UVMMC management that in your assessment, based on your professional experience and knowledge, the staffing complement that you are being asked to work within is unsafe. This form is used in the systematic evaluation of staffing, it is VITAL that prior to submitting this form you communicate your concern to your management team and/or their representative AND collaborate with them to develop a plan to ensure the safety of your patients, coworkers, and yourself.

Safe Staffing Forms

Concern for Safe Staffing: For Nurses, Techs, and LNAs

Ambulatory Concern for Safe Staffing: For Ambulatory Nurses

The Staffing Committee, Labor Management Committee, and Unit Staffing Collaboratives are three contractually required ways VFNHP members present their observations and concerns to hospital leadership in a formal way.

Please contact or call 802-657-4040 if you are interested in participating in any of these groups. 



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