Membership and Benefits

What you need to know

As a VFHNP member, you are entitled to important and valuable benefits. It is vital to the health and strength of our union and our community that we build a foundation of equitable and secure high quality benefits, resources and programs for our members. The advantages of membership are many, and keep increasing through your hard work and commitment.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) is our parent organization. They offer many significant benefits to our members such as shopping discounts, travel/entertainment discounts, legal/financial services, insurance services and health benefits; just to name a few.

FAHC provides all employees with a benefits package that includes such things as retirement benefits, medical/dental/vision, life insurance and short and long-term disability. Click here for the 2013 FAHC Employee Benefits Guide, and here for the 2012 Summary Benefit Plan (SBP).

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a law that was put into place by the US Department of Labor and entitles all employees covered by the act to take unpaid, employment protected leave for specific medical and family reasons. It also entitles you to the uninterrupted continuation of the same group health insurance coverage that you enjoyed prior to taking leave. FAHC must legally abide by the FMLA and extend its benefits to all employees and VFNHP members. Some restrictions do apply; read the material carefully.

Articles 34 and 35 of our contract outline specific procedures related to filing for FMLA. If you or a family member become seriously ill or fall into any of the categories listed in these articles, immediately file for FMLA. Doing so will help protect your job, and your benefits. Members that do not file for FMLA immediately may increase the risk of losing their jobs and/or their benefits. Do not wait for your manager or supervisor to suggest applying for FMLA, the responsibility is yours. For FMLA forms, contact the Human Resources department at 802.847.2825, toll-free 800.722.9922, or

Who to contact

If you have any questions or concerns about FMLA, other benefits of membership, or would like a membership card (application), please contact the Union Office 802.657.4040 or email for more information.



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