Dear members, 

Technical Professionals contract bargaining began on Wednesday, and our Bargaining Team made 30 proposals across the table, while Management offered 27 proposals. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Differentials– We proposed increased differentials for shifts ($4/Evenings, $9/Nights), Per Diem ($5/holiday, $6/nights, $6/weekend, $4.50/Evening, & $2/Day), Charge ($3), a 5% quarterly bonus for nights, a new differential for units w/ 20% or more vacancy ($3/hr), new float differential ($5), new Preceptor differential ($4/hr), remove lower tier of differentials. Mgmt proposed a 3% quarterly bonus for just Imaging Technologists who work nights, to increase the Per Diem differential to ($2.00), increase the Charge differential for Imaging, ED, and RT to $3.00, & decrease the RT transport differential, keep lower tier of differentials in place.
  • Wages We proposed to raise all Technical Professionals to a starting wage of at least $21/hr, to increase wages for all Technical Professionals by 10% upon ratification of the contract, another 10% in October 2023, and 10% in October 2024 as well as proposing a new Step 23 in October 2023 and a new Step 24 in October 2024. Mgmt proposed significantly different initial increases for individual departments with some departments not receiving any initial increase (see below for link to their full proposal), a 5% increase in October 2023, a 3% increase in October 2024, a 2% increase in October 2025, and a lump sum bonus for those at the top of the scale.
  • Overtime– Allow bargaining unit members to choose either 2X base rate OR 1.5X base rate+1/2 hr of CTO for every hour worked for Urgent. No changes proposed by mgmt.
  • On-Call– Increase call pay rate to $10/hr upon ratification, call-in premium hours paid to 4 hrs, add called in/on-call 2x clause, no more than 3 consecutive on-call periods for all, if miss scheduled hrs b/c of time lapse get paid for hrs w/out having to use CTO, sleep credits if call in during rest period. Mgmt proposed $6/hr for on-call starting in October 2024 and that only Imaging technologists wouldn’t be scheduled for more than 3 consecutive on-call periods.
  • Bonus Side Letter– Includes Imaging Technologists left out of $5,000 bonuses paid to Technical Professionals earlier this year.
  • Healthcare– Freeze rates at current levels.
  • Retirement– Increase UVMMC contributions for all (>40 points=4%, 40-59=6%, 60-79=8%, 80+=11%) & 100% matching contribution up to 3% employee salary, retirement education mtgs 2x/yr. Mgmt only proposed holding retirement education mtgs 2x/yr.
  • CTO– Increase accrual rates (0 to 5 yrs=.12, 5+ to 10yrs=.14, 10+-15yrs=.16, 15+ to 20yrs), increase limit on hours you can have in your CTO bank to 2X amount of annual accrual, language to help make it more possible to use accrued CTO. Mgmt didn’t propose any improvements.
  • FMLA– UVMMC will provide up to 6 weeks paid leave for FMLA qualifying event w/out impacting CTO and on top of existing12 weeks FMLA. Mgmt didn’t propose any improvements.
  • Hours of Work/Staff Schedules– Any bargaining unit employee may elect to work a straight shift, requiring a min of 48hrs between shift rotation (employee consent required for less than that). Mgmt proposed eliminating the ability to work a straight shift, expanding the definition of a weekend to include Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, and allowing Imaging Technologists who were previously permanently removed from working weekend to be assigned weekends again.
  • Health & Safety-Strengthen language around safety equipment/PPE, enhanced de-escalation training for all, UVMMC will have at least 2 Technical Professionals on each shift to prevent members from having to work alone at night w/patients, UVMMC will improve security presence in ED, implement policy for removing/storing weapons, screen all ED patients for weapons. Mgmt only proposed additional language around safety equipment/PPE.
  • Educational Reimbursement– Increase tuition reimbursement from $2,600 to $3,200 w/ $1,800 additional for employees w/5+yrs, increase continuing ed fund/conference days from $40k & 200 conference days to $100k & 500 conference days, paid time for CEU’s. Mgmt proposed increasing tuition reimbursement from $2,600 to $3,200 w/ $800 additional for employees w/5+yrs and increasing the continuing ed fund/conference days to $70k w/325 conference days.

We encourage you to review our full set of proposals as well as the wage scale and compare them with management’s full set of proposals. As you can see, management’s proposals, especially when it comes to compensation and benefits, are quite low. If we want to win the contract that we deserve, we have to stay united behind our proposals and continue to fight in subsequent sessions.  Bargaining continues on January 4th at 4:00PM. Members are encouraged to attend all sessions in person wearing our red union shirts.  Please feel free to be in touch with any questions or feedback. 

In solidarity, 

Nicole DiVita

VP, VNFHP Technical Professionals