Employee Responsibility

1. The Bargaining Unit member will reach out to Staffing office to notify them of any unit(s) they have skill and ability for as well as what role(s) they would like to fill on the identified unit(s) (i.e. floor nurse with assignment, helping hands, patient sitter etc. )

Email: UVMMCInptstaffers@uvmhealth.org

Phone: (802) 847-3529

2. Staffing office will notify the manager(s) of identified unit(s) to inform them of the member’s desire to pick up shifts.

3. The manager of the identified unit(s) will reach out to the member to further discuss skill and ability, need, if any, for orientation (orientation similar to that for traveler) and what role(s) the member feels comfortable filling. This will all be confirmed in writing.

4. With approval from the manager(s) of the identified unit(s), Staffing Office will add the member to the unit list for staffing calls (ie. urgent). The member will also be given access to Kronos to be able to pick up open shifts and/or make a plan with the manager(s) of the identified unit(s) to be notified of posted shifts.

5. The manager of the identified unit will have 96 hours prior to the member’s 1st shift on the unit to arrange EPIC access and any agreed upon orientation as well as send any needed educational information. The manager of the identified unit will also arrange for a mentor /staff resource to be available for the visiting member during the shift.

6. Once a shift is picked up by a visiting member, if the member calls out for the shift, it will be considered an unscheduled absence.

Leader Responsibility

· The leader in the identified areas would have a conversation and assess experience, skill and ability in order to determine if the nurse could assist in the area requested.

· Shifts will be identified available after pre-posting.

· The leader in the area would discuss an abbreviated orientation similar to traveler orientation prior to the assignment if required or send along any educational information that would assist with a successful shift and assign a staff member to mentor and be point of contact during the shift. Orientation to unit will be costed to the unit not the clinic.

· The leader in the area would add the employee to the schedule through their unit scheduler. Float pay will apply to nurses that take additional shifts outside of their area of practice.

· The leader would loop in the home unit leader to let them know the schedule and shift times they will be working. The communication should be done via email to confirm awarding of shifts. Included in the e-mail will be cost center employee will be working in as well as any premium pay if applicable (i.e. urgent)

· The leader will let their unit staff know to expect the visiting nurse will be coming to work on the unit in order to assist with communication and support of the visiting nurse.