Dear members, 

Nurse contract bargaining began last night, and our Bargaining Team made 34 proposals across the table, while Management offered 11 proposals, only one of which was economic (Charge/Preceptor differential). Here are some of the highlights:

  • Increased differentials for shifts, PD, float, resource, new differential for units w/ high % of travlers, new Charge/Preceptor differential ($5.00/each). Mgmt proposed Charge differential at $3.00 and Preceptor differential at $2.50. 
  • Additional proposal for ED safety w/ $12/hr differential, until strenuous safety measures in place. 
  • 10% increase or $20/hour (whichever is higher) for ancillary and technical professional staff. 
  • No bargaining unit nurse will be denied a preferred shift over a traveler, based on preference card, even if temporary.
  • Increased CTO and retirement accruals and “top step” bonus distribution across the 26 pay periods, to avoid bonus tax and better reflect a pay increase. 
  • Decreased healthcare premiums. Increased educational funds/ reimbursements and loan forgiveness, in addition to free tuition at UVM.
  • Click here to view our full set of proposals (Please note that these are our initial proposals and that nothing has been agreed to at this point)

I was disappointed to see that management had so few proposals that would improve our work-life balance and patient care.  Regardless, we will continue to fight to make meaningful gains to our benefits, compensation, and rights in subsequent sessions.  Bargaining continues on April 27th at 5:00PM.  Please feel free to be in touch with any questions or feedback. 

In solidarity, 

Deb Snell, R.N.President, VNFHP