Nurses and Techs gathered in the McClure lobby to show solidarity with our Bargaining Team ahead of the 6/1 bargaining session.

Contract negotiations have stalled, as we did not reach agreement at this week’s session. VFNHP has given a package for the hospital to review, and we will update you when the next session is scheduled.

Highlights from Our 6/1 Package
  • 32 hrs holiday pay instead of having to use CTO
  • No increase to healthcare costs for duration of contract
  • Increase CTO accrual rates
  • $1,000 ratification bonus, $1,000 quarterly retention bonus
  • Increases differentials to evening ($1.25), night ($2.63), weekend ($1.48), Resource ($3), APRN wknd ($10)/ Creation of preceptor ($2.50 in FY 23), short-staffing ($7.50 diff if unit is 20% or more travelers), and member safety ($12/hr until safety improves in units w/incidents) differentials. $750 bonus for committed temp assignments.
  • Increase call pay to $10.50
  • Leftover education money can be used for student loan repayment.
  • $20/hr min for all UVMMC employees, neutrality in support staff organizing.
Management’s Package
  • No additional money beyond $1.3 million for FY 23, which is about .07% of UVMMC’s FY 23 budget.
  • Moved money from charge differentials to small increases to evening ($.50), night ($.75), weekend ($.55), Resource ($1). Preceptor of $2 in FY23, $2.50 in FY24. $750 bonus for committed temp assignments.
  • No increase to CTO accruals
  • No retention bonuses
  • No improvements to healthcare
  • No holiday pay/Must use CTO for holidays or take unpaid
  • Increases call pay to $5.00 in FY23, $6.00 in FY 24

We are prepared to escalate our efforts to win a fair contract that will actually attract and retain nurses in support of quality patient care. In the coming weeks, we will hold educational mtgs on informational picketing and on striking, hold a community rally and march, and much more so please stay tuned and get involved. Together, we will get the respect that we deserve!