Negotiations for All

At the opening of VFNHP-Nurse negotiations with the UVMMC administration, all of the VFNHP proposals were designed to:
* Protect and improve patient care

* Provide safety and respect

* Improve benefits and compensation to recruit and retain nurses and support staff

Because the staffing crisis affects all staff, VFNHP made the following formal proposals to the UVMMC administration: All UVMMC staff are guaranteed:
* A minimum wage of $20/hour (or a 10% increase, whichever is greater)
* The right to organize for RESPECT without interference from the UVMMC administration, and negotiate to protect and improve wages, benefits and working conditions

Nurses, technical professionals and all staff who agree should add your name here
You can download a poster for your unit here.

You can download a paper version of the petition here.