2024 VFNHP Nurses Bargaining Proposals

Union Nurses, 

As we go through the bargaining process over the course of 2024, this is the place where the proposals that we make will be kept and updated. If you or any of your coworkers want to be in the know in terms of the latest developments are regarding contract language, all of the articles that we have proposed changes to will be linked to on this page. Be sure to spread these far and wide so your coworkers can be in the know!

– The 2024 VFNHP Nurses Bargaining Team


Article 2 (Recognition)

Article 7 (Non-Discrimination)

Article 9 (Per-Diem Employment)

Article 15 (Work Preference)

Article 18 (Hours of Work)

Article 18A (Scheduling Vacations/CTO)

Article 18B (Summer CTO)

Article 19 (Overtime)

Article 20 (Staffing)

Article 20B (Staffing)

Article 22 (Wages)

Wage Research

Article 23 (Shift Differentials)

Article 24 (On-Call/Call-In)

Article 25 (Holiday Pay)

Article 26 (Bereavement Leave)

Article 29 (Educational Reimbursement)

Article 30 (Flexible Benefits)

Article 31 (Retirement)

Article 32 (CTO)

Article 40 (Grievance and Arbitration)

Article 43 (Health and Safety)



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