Officers, Stewards, and Staff

By Your Side, On Your Side, Because We Care

Deb Snell, President


23 years at UVMMC  


“VFNHP has provided it’s members with a very important voice. We can safely challenge our institution and hold them accountable to our contract. However, we can always do better and will continue to fight for better working conditions and the work/life balance our members deserve.”

Jess Kilpatrick, Executive Vice President

Baird 5, R.N.

20 years at UVMMC 


“In our contracts, we have bargained for a fair process around how time off gets granted, what shift lengths are (based on unit sometimes), how call is assigned, etc. While the contract outlines these scheduling practices, it doesn’t mean that your unit has to change what is working for your group. There is specific wording in the contract that states a unit can continue to use a practice that is in place. This language is still true several contracts later in both the nurse and technical units. Each unit all does something a little different with schedules and other contract areas because it works for that unit.”


Nicole DiVita, Vice President Technical Professionals

Ophthalmology, COT

4 years at UVMMC


Chief Steward for: Ophthalmology

“I support VFNHP because they give us a voice in the workplace and are committed to ensuring our rights are protected. Having worked in a nonunion private practice prior to UVMMC for the first 10 years of my career I see the union as a valuable asset in my career.”

Sharon Shroeder, Vice President of Communications/Treasurer

Mother-Baby (B7), R.N. IV


Kelly Borch, Grievance Chair

Mother Baby (B7), R.N.

16 years at UVMMC


“Union members have the right to bring a Union Steward into meetings with Management that could lead to discipline. We always encourage our members to exercise this right. Having someone at your side in meetings with Management helps maintain your rights under the contract. Our presence often changes the tone for the better.”

Sarah Girome, Grievance Chair

Neurosurgery, R.N.

8 years at UVMMC


“We work in an environment that is impacted by uncertainty and constant change. There is no shortage of success stories that nurses have in meeting those challenges head-on and using our union’s collective strength to make a positive impact on the outcome. You could continue to hope that our Administration does the right thing, or you can join us at the decision-making table to make sure they do. We hope you will join us!” 

Alex Dees, Vice President of Organizing

 thatED Tech

5 years at UVMMC


“Being a healthcare worker is a great job, and comes with many rewards.  One of the best rewards I’ve found are the connections and friendships we develop in this profession.  By banding together and organizing with our co-workers, we have the power to build the work environment that we need to excel and provide the best care we can for our community.”


Phil Corriveau

Miller 5, R.N.

11 years at UVMMC


Chief Steward for: Miller 5 & Miller 6

Bea Disogra

Outpatient Neurological Surgery, R.N. IV

Bea has been an RN 34 years, 14 of which have been at UVMMC. Prior experience includes ED, Cardiac and Primary Care. 


Chief Steward for

“Before working here at UVMMC, I was a union nurse at CVPH. Unions are democratic organizations, and by design, they reflect what the members are willing to do to make positive changes. One experience with one union shouldn’t be the reason for not supporting another. Our union is only as strong as our members make it, and here at our hospital, we’ve been putting in the work for years to raise standards of patient care, maintain a bench of talented caregivers, and build a transparent and effective union.”

Clare Doyle


28 years at UVMMC


Chief Steward for:

“I support our union because we need to take matters into our own hands and demand equality and justice for all.  We can’t depend on management to do the right thing.  Even when you have a good manager, it can change overnight. By being a part of a union, we are able to take matters into our own hands because we actually have a seat at the table.”

Marybeth Early

OR-Main Campus, R.N.

10 years at UVMMC


Chief Steward for:

“I support our union because I believe in what it represents.  We are workers formed to protect and advocate for its members’ interests.”

Tracy Fornasier

Adult Primary Care at APC Williston, R.N.

I have been a nurse for 23 years. Over the years, I have worked inpatient on McClure 6, and outpatient in the Neurosurgery Clinic and most recently in Adult Primary Care at APC Williston.


Chief Steward for

“Our union, and specifically my involvement as a Chief Steward, has shown no evidence of a fractured or contentious relationship with my direct Management. I think our contract improves the relationship. There are clear parameters that everyone is aware of and a process to hold Management accountable if the terms do not get followed. That level of transparency only leads to a healthier work environment for all of us.”

Rachel Foxx

Mother Baby (B7), R.N. & IBCLC

16 years at UVMMC, 15 of which working on the Mother-Baby Unit.


Chief Steward for:

I support our union because together we are stronger, together we look out for and support each other, and together we provide safer patient care. It’s about a healthy work environment for our members, and a healthy and safe healing environment for our patients.

Pat Girome


 years at UVMMC 


Chief Steward for:             

Chris Gonyeau

Respiratory Therapy, Respiratory Therapist II

25 years at UVMMC 


Chief Steward for:              HIM Coders, PRD Coders, Respiratory Therapy, Pulmonary (ACC)

“I support VFNHP to better the care of our patients. Being part of this community, I want to know that we can provide the best care possible and our union provides the power to make that happen.”

Stephanie Griffin

Ultrasonography,  Sonographer Senior

15 years at UVMMC


Chief Steward for: Mammography, Ultrasonography, Women’s Health

Sharon Griggs

MRI,                                          MRI Technologist Senior

9 years at UVMMC


Chief Steward for: Card Non-Invasive, MRI, Nuclear Medicine

Ann-Elise Johnson

Mother-Baby (B7), R.N. III

7 years at UVMMC


Chief Steward for:

“I’m active in the union because I believe that together we can make this a healthy workplace for us and our patients.”

Craig Jones

Miller 3, R.N. II

6.5 years at UVMMC between Shep 3/Miller 3


Chief Steward for

Miller 3, Miller 4

“I support VFNHP because it gives me another avenue to advocate for my patients, my coworkers, my friends, and my family.”

Jenn Long

Adult Primary Care-UHC,    R.N. IV

9 years at UVMMC 


Chief Steward for:

“I support our union because I believe in the collective power of nurses and health professionals. Our individual commitments to the service of others are amplified by the strength of our membership!”

TJ Moisan

OP Radiology,              Radiology Clinical Instructor


Chief Steward for: OP Radiology, CT, Pain Clinic, Vascular Ultrasound

Howie Otten

Central Sterile Repro,            CSR Tech III

14 years at UVMMC


Chief Steward for:              CSR, Clinical Neurophysio, Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, Specialty Care Transport, VT Sleep Center

Mike Popovitch

IP Radiology,                Radiology OR Specialty Technologist

years at UVMMC


Chief Steward for:                  IP Radiology, Interventional Radiology

Desiree Price

SB Adult Primary Care,      APRN

3.5 years at UVMMC


Chief Steward for: APRNs

Benton Taylor

McClure 5/Vascular Access, R.N. II

5 years at UVMMC in McClure 5, Neurology/Neurosurgery, & Vascular Access


Chief Steward for:

“I support our union because I believe in the collective power of nurses and health professionals. Our individual commitments to the service of others are amplified by the strength of our membership!”

Amanda Young

Emergency Department,      R.N. IV




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